“When I met Daniel and Alex, one of the things that stood out is that they are really trying to change an otherwise antiquated industry. Their passion for seniors and a better post-acute care model came through immediately. We love working with these guys at the TMC Innovation Institute.”

Erik Halvorsen, Executive Director @ TMC Innovation Institute

“We need a partner we could trust, that’s earned the trust of their community, earned the trust of seniors and the hospital community, and is also committed to innovation. I think that we found a really good partner in Genova..”

David Brightman, General Manager (Houston & Central Texas) @ Uber

“Family Tree exceeded our expectations. We were initially very interested in the fact that they offered free supervision from a nurse at the same price we were quoted at other agencies. The caregivers were also very kind and helpful to my wife. I couldn’t have done it without them. I’m grateful for the help.”


“They are respectful and responsive. I highly recommend Family Tree to guide you through the process of caring for an aging parent.”


“As the oldest non-profit in Texas, we go to great lengths to choose the right partners. Alex Bonetti and his team demonstrate a deep understanding of what it means to provide outstanding home care in the senior living environment with a unique focus on significantly improving outcomes. They are the partners we trust to help us keep our residents safely at home.”

P. Crump, Buckner Retirement Services

“Alex Bonetti and his team have been invaluable in the daily care of many residents in all levels of care within The Forum at Memorial Woods. From complex medical conditions to walking the family dog, Alex’s staff is driven to achieve positive outcomes for every resident under their care. I am confident that this is the only acceptable choice in the industry.”

A. Mulvey, Executive Director, The Forum at Memorial Woods

“We highly recommend Family Tree when seeking a kind, knowledgeable, and professional caregiver service provider. They’re the best!”


“The attendant was very proactive assisting with clothing changes, showers, basic grooming reminders, and chair transfers.”


“The aid that took care of our parent was wonderful. Not only did she provide physical care, but she was also a trusted companion.”


“Family Tree is always very receptive to our needs and we are pleased someone is there for companionship as well as assisting with every day chores for my parents.”


“I turned to Family Tree to set my parents up with a reliable caregiver. It has been one of the best and most sound decisions I have made in my life.”


“Not only were they able to meet our needs, but they exceeded them.”


“I would recommend Family Tree to anyone needing help or just a little extra hand when things become too overwhelming. As the only adult child, it was difficult to handle dad’s care on my own”


“I have come to meet a few different caregivers from Family Tree and they have all been qualified, friendly, and proactively capable of making sure that y parents felt safe and secure. I am eternally grateful.”


“Our parents were not initially comfortable with having someone in their home, but Family Tree’s ability to match the caregiver with the need for assistance was great and my parents came to see their caregiver as a part of the family.”


“I honestly don’t know what we would have done without our caregiver, Millicent. She took my dad under her wing, cared for him and kept him safe.”


“The care manager Family Tree provided to our family was an angel. Not only was she a registered nurse with exceptional insight and advice, but she managed countless aspects of my mom’s life that I was unable to handle from out of town. The care manager assisted with mom’s doctor’s visits, coordinated care with doctors, ensured home repairs were in order, and even helped to file insurance claims! I could not imagine life without Family Tree.”


“Family Tree’s team advocated for my aunt as if she were their very own family member. I was thoroughly impressed with Family Tree and their knowledgeable and professional staff. They are essentially a surrogate family for my aunt, handling everything from vet visits for her dog to ensuring her accountant had all her paperwork. Thanks, Family Tree.”


Family Tree’s care management guidance was first rate! I would recommend them to anyone looking to reduce stress and burden when caring for an aging parent.”


“Family Tree handled my mom’s Alzheimer’s disease with poise and grace. Both the caregiver and the nurse were well trained in dealing with dementia and could redirect my mom when she became agitated. They were knowledgeable and passionate about helping others. I would recommend Family Tree to anyone.”


“The caregiver was clearly experienced working with COPD patients. I think the oversight from the nurse helped a lot. Even if she didn’t know something, she was able to ask the nurse. I felt as if my dad was in excellent, professional hands with Family Tree.”


“My mother loved Family Tree, especially her caregiver. They kept her mind active and engaged her in her favorite activities. Just having someone to talk about her favorite hobbies was invaluable for improving her quality of life. Thanks Family Tree, for the compassion and dedication!”


“Family Tree clearly puts a lot of effort into their hiring. My mother could not have been happier with her Family Tree aid who provided her with wonderful socialization and companionship.”


“The staff at Family Tree is incredible. They truly care about their clients and are very responsive at handling any issue, no matter how big or small. I’d definitely say my father’s wellbeing was better off because Family Tree was there.”


“Family Tree provided my mom with transportation to doctor’s appointments and different errands when she lost the ability to drive. This was a huge help for her (and us). Her car was everything to her!”


“You went above and beyond in caring for my mother, even taking her to social outings, the grocery store, and the medical center. Thanks, Family Tree!”


“I have been extremely impressed with the services offered by Family Tree. They don’t just stop at caregiving and nursing. They are truly a one stop solution to every need we had for Mom. They helped her with transportation and managing her medications. I’m really glad we were referred to Family Tree.”


“Family Tree’s professionalism is one of a king in this industry. I’m a healthcare professional and I’ve had experience with other agencies as well as hiring on my own. I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge and focus on outcomes. In my mind, Family Tree is progressive in this industry and I’m happy to have worked with them. My mother is living safely at home today with their help.”