About Us

Our Mission:  To respect and support the individual’s choice to live as safely and independently as possible and to maintain their dignity and quality of life.

Care Management & Resources, Inc. (Home Care Resources) was established in 1996 to provide comprehensive Geriatric Care Management and Caregiver Services to adults in the Greater Denver Community.  We work successfully with physicians, home health agencies, hospices, hospitals and assisted living facilities to provide a high quality continuum of care.

  • We have Geriatric Care Managers who provide assessments and care plans in cooperation with client and family.
  • Care Managers provide on-going oversight for each client, at no additional charge, to monitor changing needs and effectiveness of services.  They serve as an advocate for the client and liaison with family members and other care providers, as appropriate.
  • Our 24/7 availability of a manager and scheduler provides quick response to client and caregiver scheduling issues and eliminates missed visits.
  • Our carefully selected caregivers are trained, supervised, insured and bonded.
  • We help to minimize hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations. through cooperation between caregivers and care managers, monitoring medication compliance and general care needs.
  • Assistance  provided with discharges and transitions from hospitals and other facilities to home, to help get settled, obtain medications, supplies, equipment and assure follow up appointments.
  • We are able to provide coordination and monitoring of outside services, such as, house cleaning, house and yard maintenance, snow removal, foot care and adaptive devices, as needed.